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Some words from my favourite people...

Just phone him. Phone him now and if he doesn’t answer, keep calling until he does!

Having Scott as my coach and trusted advisor has changed my life in so many ways, I struggle to imagine a life without having Scott in it. As a CEO of a global organisation, people would probably call me a high achiever and look at my life with envy. I never did. I wasn’t seriously unhappy but I was on a trajectory that I didn’t like and perhaps more importantly, my family didn’t like. Scott changed all that. I’ve had the best 12 months of my life since I started working with Scott, in every aspect – business, family, financially, health, happiness and contentment.

I’ve been able to create a dynamic in my home life that almost makes me cry when I think about how good it is. I’ve doubled my net worth in less than a year and I’ve gone from doing zero exercise to running my first marathon last week. I implore you to work with him, it will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

EL, CEO, London

As an ex-Special Operations Soldier in the United States Navy and Army, I have heard the word ‘elite’ being banded around a lot. Let me tell you now, nobody epitomises that word more than Scott MacDonald.


15 years of front line combat can scramble your mind pretty good. Scott found a way to help me make peace with my past but more importantly, shine a light on where I was going. My dreams and ambitions are so big it sometimes scares the living sh*t out of me but he’s been able to give me a freedom to think like that – I no longer fear failing, I just love the ride even though 9 months ago I would have told you that sh*t will get you nowhere.


I’m now negotiating a multi-million dollar deal with two major networks for the rights to air my TV show, I’ve set up my own Charitable Foundation and I wake up with a level of energy that I haven’t felt since I was a kid. The guy is a legend. Literally a legend.

MS, US Special Forces Soldier, Chicago

My opening statement to Scott was “I don’t think I need a coach or advisor, I’m just here because two people that I look up to and admire can’t stop talking about how you’ve changed their lives. And I’m a little bit intrigued…” Oh how we laugh about that now!


I was a Partner in a successful law firm, I was happy, I had recently married my dream man. We had an apartment in Manhattan and a house in The Hamptons. What do I need a coach or advisor for, I’ve got this down!?

Looking back now, I realise that I was only tapping into a small part of my potential. My life was amazing by most people’s standards, but it was also a life that was on autopilot. I hadn’t really taken control of it, I just seemed to be quite good at a lot of things that fell onto my lap. I had never really stopped to think about what I really wanted and what made me fulfilled.

Scott opened my eyes to a world that I just didn’t know existed. He gave me a sense of purpose and clarity that I know will never leave me. I wake up excited about how I’m going to change the world that day, I’m so much more than just a wife, Partner in a law firm and now mother to our young son. I’m an entrepreneur, I run a charity for the homeless and I’m hellbent on making this world a better place but I’m doing it on my terms. I’ll always be eternally grateful for having Scott in my corner. A million thank yous Scott.

PY, Mother, Law Firm Partner, Entrepreneur, New York

I invited Scott to speak at our annual leadership summit and he blew the audiences mind.

The insights he shared on why we think the way we do, how to take control of your mind and the science of fulfilment left a room full of senior and very experienced executives shell shocked and unbelievably inspired. I hadn't really seen a room move in the way he did that day. The way he made the complexities of how our brains work into such simple concepts is amazing in itself but to do it in such an engaging and inspiring way is truly an artform.


We've since had Scott back several times to share his insight with the wider organisation and the feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive, that he'll become the first ever external speaker to host our annual leadership summit next year.

ST, Vice-President, Toronto

When I first heard about Scott, I wasn't sure he'd want to work with me. I am what I call a 'grafter' - I work hard and set high standards for myself but I was far from a high flying exec or any sort of 'outstanding performer'. 

And while it would be terribly arrogant to say that I now fit in that mould, the reality is that when I think back to the man that I was 12 months ago, I can't believe that was me. Scott lit a fire inside of me that burns incessantly, giving me a level of happiness and fulfilment that I didn't think really existed. I take great pride in knowing how far my career has progressed since working with him (this has allowed my family and I holidays, experiences and most importantly some amazing memories), but its the energy and excitement I now have about life that is the biggest gift. 

He has an undoubtedly gifted mind on how to achieve success in business but for me, I'll be forever grateful to Scott for showing me how to balance my life. 

Being a high performer isn't working 80 hours a week while earning a fortune in big glass buildings. It's earning a fortune while having fun and making memories with family and friends. It's about knowing deep within you that opportunities in life are always happening around you, that whatever challenges arise, you are going to smash them with confidence, self belief and excitement.  It's waking up with an energy and appetite for life that brings the biggest smile to your face.


 Thank you Scott, for making me a true high performer.


From all of us in the Hogg family x

EH, Senior Director, London

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